Mounting a tablet, a phone in a car

Using magnetic fastening is a great way of fixing your device in a car. The magnet must be attached to any element in a car on double-sided tape, and iron plate (in the kit) must be attached to your device. Here is an example of fastening tablet ipad in vw golf 4.

I bought the magnets RICHTER in shop OBI. I did not need the swivel mount on the magnet, and I removed it. On the magnet was glued double-sided tape 3M. For maximum fixation is glued to the warm, skim surface, with waiting 24 hours before first use. Captures very strong.

After fixing the magnets in the car, I glued 2 small iron plates(in the kit with magnet) on the ipad. In general, it doesn’t spoil the view and serve as a protective element of the back cover.

Turned the mount with strong fixation. The magnets are very powerful and hold even through smart cover, but only on a good road. If the road is not very good, fixed your device without smart cover.

+At iPad protected caseback.

+It is easy to install and remove.

+The machine has two magnet that can attach anything.

+In the future it is removed, leaving no trace.

-Magnets spoil the appearance of the car.


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