Ruba Technology

Mideal agency has been working with Ruba Technology for several years helping them grow their site, expand into e-commerce and take greater control of how they can keep the site up-to-date themselves. During this period of time we were able to find out that the current site lacked the flexibility for the client, first and foremost.

The site is built on CMS Bitrix which enables easy e-commerce management for the client.

The Strategy

  • Creating a better cross-device experience from Mobiles and Tablets through to Large Screen Desktop Computers.
  • Extend varieties of payment and implement different payment methods
  • Optimize a shopping cart in order to showcase all the advantages of items.
  • Take care of page speed which is very important nowadays.
  • Integrate a registration through Social Nets.
  • Make the page of delivery and payment more convenient and informative.
  • Develop a price calculator for some types of services.

It is an ongoing project.

  • Client

    Ruba Technology
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  • Date

    2015-04-09 00:00:00
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